Multiply Me





Multiply me is intended to learn and deepen simple multiplication. 

It is not designed as a game, but it has been kept simple and effective.


You can choose out of 7 exercise modules up to 10x10:

  - Times Table

  - Multiplication a x b

  - Multiplication ? x b

  - Division ? : b

  - Division a : b

  - Division with a remainder

  - Time Conversion

For multiplication up to 19 x 19  3 additional modules are provided:

  - Multiplication 1a x 1b mentally

  - Multiplication 1a x 1b written

  - Multiplication 1a x 1b written using a shortcut

User And Statistic

You can add several independent users. For every user a statistic is stored rating every single exercise: 

  - colours and smileys indicate how well a problem was solved

  - colours can change almost continously from green via yellow to red

The app will react to the user statistic:

  - wrong solved questions will be repeated in a timely manner  

  - worse solved questions will be repeated more frequent

Selection Of Questions And Time Limits

For every exercise individual questions can be selected.

In addition you can determine:

  - total duration of the exercise

  - time limit to solve a question


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